World’s first transparent phone : कीमत सुनकर हो जायेंगे हैरान !

world's first transparent phone

Friends, in today’s time technology is progressing very fast we are seeing one new machine after another, and if we talk about smartphone technology then today we see one phone after another in the market. Let us know about one such advanced discovery of technology, a transparent phone that we can see in the future and through which we can see as well.

Well, the concept of a transparent mobile phone is not new. We have seen it in many movies, technology videos, and TV shows. However, Polytron has now made a working prototype of a transparent mobile phone.

First Transparent Phone in India | world's first transparent phone
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What if you also have a glass phone and you can see from one side of the phone to the other? Just think! Isn’t it strange? But in the coming time, you can see such phones in the market. Recently, continuous efforts have been made to make such phones, many technology companies are working on making such phones.

Recently we got to see such technology when Sony launched its transparent phone. However, it was a keypad phone and was also quite expensive. Which came with a transparent screen. While research is continuously being done to make such phones, one or two prototypes were made which showed how transparent phones can be.

World's first transparent phone

Polytron, a famous technology company in Taiwan, has made a phone that is completely transparent in which only the circuit board, memory card, and camera unit are visible. It is a touchscreen phone with a fully functional SIM tray, SD card slot, microphone, and camera. However, the phone does not have any operating system yet. The technology being used in such phones is called Polyvision Privacy Glass.

Who made world first transparent phone

You get to see televisions transparent, you get to see window panels transparent too. You can see through them. But if we talk about a transparent phone, then we may have to face difficulties in this because we can make the glasses transparent but how can we make the rest of the components, although companies are constantly trying to make their phones advanced? The way we have seen many types of folding phones being included in the technology, it is possible that we may get to see transparent phones in the future. It remains to be seen whether companies can work successfully on this.

But many times we think why do we need transparent phones, what will we do when we have such transparent phones? Do tell us your opinion on whether you need such a transparent phone because as we told you companies are constantly working on it. If you liked the blog then do leave a nice comment and subscribe to us to read technology-related blogs.

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