Know 9 ways by which you can earn lakhs at home in 2024

Friends, do you also want to earn money sitting at home, some people after hearing these things say that how can one earn money sitting at home, all this is useless talk, so let me tell them, that era is gone when people used to earn money. Used to go out and work hard for 12 hours. Friends, now this is the era of internet, here people are earning lakhs sitting at home with their skills.

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Perhaps you too can be a responsible person, woman or student and if you also want to earn money by working from home, then do not miss this entire blog at all. Today, many people of India are earning money online from home using their skills. So let us know what are the ways by which you can earn money sitting at home and for this you need a mobile or laptop and internet.

1 ) Youtube Video :

In today’s time every person who has ever used the internet knows YouTube and you must have taken the help of YouTube in finding the solution to your problem. Friends, today a large number of people in India are earning a good amount of money from YouTube. He is helping others and earning money by making his skill in the form of a video. In such a situation, if you also have any such skill which you can teach to others, then this is a good opportunity for you, you too can earn lakhs of rupees per month from YouTube.

2 ) Blogging :

In today’s time blogging is a very good way to earn money. If you cannot make a video or you do not have time to make or edit a video, then you can write it in the form of a blog. For this you should have a website, for this you need domain and hosting, in this you have to spend some money. But for this you need time and hard work. You can make money in this only with patience and continuous work. In this, your website i.e. your blog is monetized. In which Google shows ads on your website from which you also get money. Apart from Google Ads, there are many ways for bloggers to earn more like product sponsorship, affiliate etc

3 ) Instagram Page :

Friends, today Instagram is used for entertainment as much as it is used for gaining knowledge. In such a situation, many people create Insta pages according to their skills and upload content, posts or videos there. Therefore, this can be a chance for you too that by creating a page and working on it, you can also get good followers. For this you can select any niche like fitness, fashion, meme, etc. Instagram gives you the opportunity to earn when you have 10000 followers. In this you can earn in many ways like – sponsored, affiliate, promotion etc.

4 ) Free - Lancing :

Friends, in today’s time there is abundance of talent on the internet, hence everyone searches for the best workers for their work, and now there are many free lancing websites also. Where workers register themselves according to their services, similarly if you also have any skill then you can also register yourself on these websites and earn good money by providing service to your clients.


5 ) Video Editing :

Friends, in today’s time, whenever we have to learn anything, we mostly take the help of videos. Making a video is easy but without editing your video does not look attractive and in today’s time there is a huge growth in video marketing, in such a situation every business, youtubers, companies are in need of video editor, their demand is increasing a lot. In such a situation, if you know video editing then you can provide service to them and charge as per your requirement or if you do not know video editing then you can learn from a good institute. In fact, video editing is in great demand in the future.

6 ) Share Market :

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Friends, instead of keeping your money in your bank, if you invest it somewhere, then perhaps it can be a profitable deal for you. In this, you can also invest your money in the share market, for this you have to first understand the market, get all the information about it and then invest your money. For this you have to open an online demat account. After that you can buy shares of your favorite companies. But keep in mind that you need to do research in this, if you invest your money without doing research then you can also lose your money.

7) By creating an eBook:

Friends, if a physical book is converted digitally into PDF form then it is called Ebook. Writing a physical book and publishing it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have good knowledge about a subject, then you can create an eBook about it and by deciding a rate for it, you can publish it on the online platform without any fees. Of any  boundation.

8 ) Affiliate Marketing :

Friends, in today’s time all the e-commerce platforms run an affiliate program to sell their products. You can join the program of any affiliate company in India. In such a situation, you have to create an account on their platform. And they will have to promote their products on their channels or social media handles. If any person buys the product from the link promoted by you, then you will also get commission from the profit of the products. In this way this can be a good opportunity for you.

9 ) Content Writing :

Friends, there are many such websites on the Internet on which you will find content in different languages. Let us tell you that content writers are hired to write content on these websites. If you are also interested in writing, then you can also write in any language. You can earn money by writing content. Apart from this, you can earn good money by writing scripts for YouTube videos, speeches for any meeting, etc. In this, it is very important for you to pay attention to your skills and this can be a good opportunity for you.

Nowadays there is a great need for good content writers. Friends, with all the methods mentioned above, you can earn lakhs of rupees per month by working online from home. In this you just have to continuously improve your skills. Also, if you liked our article about how to earn from home, then please give us your feedback in the comment box. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and social media handles, and if you have any kind of information or question, please ask in the comments box and if you want to write a blog on any other topic, please let us know.

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