How to grow your Networks on LinkedIn

How to get more connection on linkedin | How to grow your linkedin network

If you also use LinkedIn, then you must know how important connections are in getting a job or getting a client on LinkedIn. But in today’s time, some people are facing problems in getting a job due to having too many connections. So stay tuned to our blog, we will tell you what connections are and how to make great connections on LinkedIn. Which is beneficial for you, helps you in your job and business, and how to make the right connections on LinkedIn.

What is the connection?

On LinkedIn, the most common type of connection is with people you know well and trust professionally. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, it means you’re linked with them professionally. You can see what they share, send them messages, and keep in touch with them for work-related stuff. It’s a way to build your professional circle and stay connected with people you know in your industry.

Types of Connection

There are 3 types of connections on LinkedIn. Whenever you connect with someone, LinkedIn shows you which connections you have with that person.

  1. First Degree Connection 
  2. Second Degree Connection 
  3. Third Degree Connection


First Degree Connection :

A first-degree connection is someone who is already in your network. You accept that person’s connection request and they accept yours.

Second Degree Connection -

A second-degree connection is someone who is in the networks of your first-degree connection.

Third Degree Connection -

A third-degree connection is someone who is the connection of your second-degree connection.

How to grow connections on Linkedin?

If you want to create an excellent network on LinkedIn, then you will always have to keep these things in mind. Due to this, you can create an excellent professional network.

How to get more connection on linkedin
  1. Fully Optimize your LinkedIn profile – The most important thing to build a good network is trust. When you optimize your profile completely, it becomes easier for people to know about you, who you are, and what you do, which increases your trust in people.


2. Post Quality Content – If you want to build a good network then you should help people by posting quality and useful content on your profile. You can help people by posting content related to the things in which you are an expert and the things you know very well.


3. Do Write Connection Personally – If you want to make a connection with a big company owner, then you can write a simple connection note and send it to them. Which helps you a lot in increasing your connection.


4. Research and Engage with your connection – Just making connections won’t strengthen your network, you have to continuously engage with your connections. Writing on their posts, commenting on them, asking some questions, etc. are some of the habits that keep you engaged with your connections.


5. Only Connect with the right people – Making the right connections on LinkedIn is very important. A right connection can bring you many benefits whereas a wrong connection is of no benefit.


6. Engage in the news feed – You see posts made by your followers and connections on your LinkedIn feed. You should always try to stay engaged with them which helps you keep up with your connections.


7. Build relationships with industry influencers – To increase connections on LinkedIn, you should follow influencers and experts in your field and increase connections with them.


8. Join Groups – LinkedIn Groups are a great way for you to grow your network. In the group, you find people related to your field and industry with whom you can connect and create a good network.


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Keep these things in mind - Don’ts

  1. Accepting requests of unknown and nonrelevant 
  2. Not engaging in contact 
  3. Not posting content consistently 
  4. Not Personalising Your Outreach
  5. Don’t send requests randomly 
  6. Not using relevant hashtags and tagging relevant connections while posting.

How to connect with people on Linkedin -

  1. Connect Request
  2. Linkedin Search
  3. People you may know or similar connection 
  4. Linkedin Events
  5. Linkedin Groups 
  6. Ask for introductions or refer 

Benefits of Linkedin Connection

  1. Increase Profile Views
  2. More Endorsements
  3. More engagement of your content
  4. More job opportunity
  5. Business Opportunity
  6. Most People want to be in your connection

How to remove Connection

If you are in connection with someone whom you do not know and you want to remove that connection, then first of all you have to go to his profile, click on the More option, and then click on Remove Connection. If you are connected to someone in your network who is completely unknown to you or who has no use and who is not engaged with you, then removing him is a good option.

Friends, from the methods mentioned above, you must have come to know what is a connection on LinkedIn and what are the benefits of increasing connections. If you also make good connections then it can benefit you at different levels.

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