What is Domain ? How to choose perfect domain ?

Friends, once again welcome to our new blog. So today we will know what is domain? How a good domain helps us in SEO. What is its importance in SEO and what should you keep in mind while buying a domain? Choosing an ideal domain name is one of the most important aspects of building an online presence and website.

What is Domain Name ?

Domain name is a unique address for a website just like a physical address. A domain name is the identification of your business. It consists of a website name & a domain extension. On the internet, a domain name is simply an easy-to-remember address to access a website. Such as amazon.com, google.com, etc.

Also, a domain name is a very important thing because if your domain name is not there then how will the user reach your website? For online users, it is very easy to find you or your business through your domain name instead of your IP address.

Note: To tell you a fact, which were the first domains to be registered in the Internet world?

  1. Symbolic.com – 15 /03/1985
  2. Bbn.com – 24/04/1985
  3. Think.com – 25/05/1985
  4. Mcc.com – 11/07/1985
  5. Dec.com – 30 /09/1985

What is Domain Extensions?

Domain extension refers to the notation found at the end of web addresses. The domain extension is used to specify a country code or any web category. A domain extension is a combination of characters following the period in a domain name.

For Example : amazon.com –> (.com) is a domain extension.

What is subdomains ?

Sub-domain is an additional part of your main domain. Subdomains are created to arrange and access different sections of your website. You can create multiple subdomains or child domains on your main domains. A subdomain is also called a child domain.

For Example : If amazon.com is a domain name so if we create “movies.amzon.com” If we make a separate part then it is a subdomain of our website.
Such As : mail.google.com, store.growtechinnovation.com

Types of Domain Name -

There are many types of Domain .

  1. TLD –  [ top level domain ]  – > Such As – .com , .net, etc
  1. CCTLD – [ Country code top level domain ] –> Such as  – ( .in, .us, .uk etc )
  2. gTLDs – [ Generic top level domain ]  Such as –  (.edu, .gov, etc)
  3. SLD – [ Second level domain ]
  4. TLD –  [ Third level domain ]

What is URL ?

URL denotes to  [ Uniform Resource Locator ] Domain name & URL has some similarities but they are different. A URL is a complete web address thet directs a user on a specific website or pages.

What is Domain Name ? How to choose perfect domain for your business?

How to choose Domain Name – 

  1. It is easy to say.
  2. It is easy to read
  3. It’s easy to spell
  4. It is easy to remember and catchy 
  5. It should be one or two words long
  6. It’s easy to type
  7. Try to use keywords
  8. You can keep it unique 
  9. Target your areas – Choose CCTLD Domains
  10. Avoid numbers & hyphens 
  11. Do proper research related to social media
  12. Choose a domain name extension that fits your business or industry
  13. Protect & build your brand
  14. Try to book .com
  15. Avoid double letters or wrong spellings 
  16. Leave room for expand 
  17. Use domain name generator tools for unique ideas
  18. Be quick & take action
  19. Always choose the best domain & hosting providers
  20. Domain for paid ads
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How to choose SEO friendly Domain Name ?

  1. Keep the domain short & simple
  2. Industry or niche-related
  3. Check Availability everywhere
  4. Prefer TID Domains
  5. Avoid hyphens & numbers in Domain
  6. Make sure it is easy to type & remember
  7. Don’t use repeated letters
  8. Use domain name generators for new domain name ideas
  9. Add keywords to your domain name ( for specific business types )
  10. Branding Domains – If your brand is already established & you want brand promotion & awareness

Friends, we hope that we have been successful in telling you what a domain is. How is it important for SEO? And how can you choose a good domain for your business. If you found this blog even a little helpful, then do leave a lovely comment and give us your feedback.

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