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Friends, many times people often dismiss many things by saying that we do not have time, but somewhere it is your fault, everyone has only one time, whether it is rich or poor, or whether it is us or Elon Musk. Where we keep struggling from one task to another throughout the day, yet no work seems to be completed. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is managing companies like SpaceX and Tesla, but he is also always active on social media. He also takes full care of his family, hobbies, and health.


After all, how is Elon Musk able to do so much in the same 24 hours, neither does he have a superpower nor is he a superhuman. He has an excellent time management technique which enables him to make the most of every day. The name of this technique is time blocking.

Hello friends, once again welcome to our blog. In this blog, you will learn how time blocking can bring a big change in your life and also you will know what is time management. What is the role of time blocking in time management?

What is time Management ?

Do you ever feel that you do not have enough time in the day, but we all have only 24 hours, then why does it seem that some people achieve more than you in the same amount of time? How come some people do so much? We can easily complete many of our tasks in a given time, but some people are unable to complete even a single task if they remain busy the whole day. A short answer to this is time management. Time management is a way of planning and organizing your time according to different tasks.

If you succeed in understanding this, you will be able to do more work in less time, that too without any stress and praise. Due to this, you will get maximum time which you can spend with your friends and families. Goal setting is most important for time management. Often people understand from goal setting that they have understood what they have to achieve and that’s it. While goal setting is not like this, it is a multi-level task that you have to set in 5 steps.

Yearly Goal ||  Quarterly Goal || Monthly Goal || Weekly Goal || Daily Goal

What is Time Blocking Techniques | What is Time Blocking

Example: Suppose your goal is to write a 12-chapter book, then your yearly goal becomes to complete the 12-chapter book, hence your monthly goal becomes to write 1 chapter. But many times this does not happen. You may have some health issue, or a guest may come, and your goal may get delayed a bit. Therefore, along with monthly goals, it is also important to set quarterly goals. Which will be 3 chapters in 3 months. Similarly, you will also have to make a weekly goal.

Suppose you have to write a chapter of 30 pages, then every day you have to write only one page, this makes the task that seems like a mountain seem easy. But if you think of writing a book together, you may find it difficult to start the work, but when you see your daily goal i.e. to write only one page in a day, then you will feel motivated to do the same work. Big businessmen use this technique to do their work.

What is time blocking ?

Actually, time blocking technique is based on the formula that we should focus on only one work in a given time, meaning by avoiding multitasking, we can increase the speed of our work, as if you are writing your book between 8 to 8. So in the meantime, you neither have to check your mail nor think about anything else. Your focus should not shift to any other work until your assigned time block is completed. With this, you can complete the work which was supposed to be completed in 3 hours, in just 2 hours.

What actually, happens is that we start doing many things simultaneously and at the same time while working, social media is also open. You are also having a meeting while eating. Similarly, after the whole day has passed, we realize that not a single work of ours has been completed properly, that is, the work gets finished only by doing one thing at a time. There are many other benefits of doing time blocking. Every morning after waking up there is only one question in the house what will be cooked in the kitchen today. During this time we decide what to make today.

In fact, it doesn’t even take that much time to cook. This only consumes time and energy. Just imagine how easy everything will become when the menu for everything is fixed. The same thing is with our work also, if our work is fixed in advance then we will not have to waste time in thinking about what to do today. In the time-blocking technique, everything is fixed as to which work you have to do in which time block.

What is Time Blocking | Time Management Tips | What is Time Management |

But we need to keep one thing in mind here: planning fallacy. Planning fallacy is the reason behind most of the people’s plans failing. According to a study, it has been said that when we make any plan, we keep most of the items as our best choice. For example, if the distance from your home to your office is 2 km, then by default you will consider the traveling time to be only 20 minutes. When we do any work, everything does not turn out as we have imagined.

It is possible that your bike may break down on the way. You may get some other work on the way. In such a situation, a situation arises that when your work is not according to you, then your plan seems to be failing and you give up. To handle this situation, it is important that whenever you make your plan, it should include Let us also mention the possibilities.

How to use time blocking in your daily life.

Friends, if I ask you what is your plan tomorrow, then very few people will know what they will do tomorrow. But if we look at successful people, their day is already planned.

First of all, write down your daily tasks on paper and arrange them. Tick the more important tasks. Next to each task, note down the estimated time to complete it. Then divide the next page into 2 parts. On the second page, write down the account of every hour of your day.

Note down the time block of every hour from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. Now write down your important tasks according to your time block, and do your most important tasks at the time of the day when you feel most energetic. Gradually you will become an expert in this work.

And the third most important thing is that you have to avoid over-scheduling your day. Overscheduling your day creates depression, due to which you start moving towards negativity. You seem to be working with others.

Therefore, it is important that your time block also includes things that you want to do like fun with friends, movies with family, etc. And reward yourself after completing each task. Due to this, your motivation remains and work does not seem like a burden to you.

Friends, this is a technique by which you can become more productive. You can come out of your busy schedule. We hope that you will use this technique in your life. If you liked this blog, then leave a lovely comment and share it with your friends so that more and more people can be helped. Also, you can tell us in the comment box on which topic you want the next blog, and we will create blogs on your given topic. See you with another new blog.

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