AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) & ChatGPT will change Everything

Artificial Intelligence

On 30th November 2022, a thing was born in this world which created a stir in the whole world as soon as it was born. That is chat GPT and till December 5, 2022, it attracted 10 lakh people in just 5 days. Till February 1, 2023, it was only 2 months old but till now it had more than 10 crore users. After all, what is the reason behind such rapid growth? Do you know that it took almost 3 years for Netflix to reach 10 lakh users? It took 2 years for Twitter to reach 1 million people. Facebook for 10 months, Instagram for 3 months but chat GPT only 5 days. This figure is not common. If so much has happened then it must be something special.

Today we will talk about that field which is an emerging field. Chat gpt is only a small part of us. That is AI – Artificial Intelligence. So friends, let us know how this AI will bring a big change in your life and your job. So first of all let us know.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI is your technology friend who can learn, think and do things like you. Just like we learn from mistakes, AI uses data to understand patterns and make your life and your work easier.

Actually, the first version of AI is found in 1943 when Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts were building the model of AI neuron. Then in 1950, Alan Turing published a paper titled Computer Machinery and Intelligence. In which he told what AI is doing to a great extent today, but actually AI was born in 1956 because a meeting was held from June 18 to August 17 this year in which big researchers associated with AI at that time participated.

Artificial Intelligence - How AI change everything

It was at that meeting that John McCarthy first introduced Artificial Intelligence. That’s why he is also called the father of AI. Then in 1959, Arthur Samuel created such a game for the first time. Who could defeat any human player and machine learning started from here? A program where the computer can learn by itself. tab On February 10, 1996, for the first time in history, a machine defeated a world-champion player. Again in 2010, a new tool from IBM came called Watson which could process 1 million books every second.

Then in 2015, Google launched an AI program that defeated the world champion in a Chinese game named Joe and made itself the strongest player in the game. This is so shocking because Go was a 3000-year-old Chinese game.

Now let us know about what we discussed in the beginning chat gpt. Now a question might have come in our mind when so many AI discoveries had been made in the past, then why only chat gpt became so popular. Till 2018, all the AI ​​products that were made were based on the Natural Language Processing model. To build any AI product, first, the data had to be built and then it had to be entered into the system because it was manual, hence a lot of data. It is not possible to collect.

Neither can you feed so much nor give so many commands like the results you see on search engines, there is NLP in it. Now in June 2018, Open AI, which is an AI research and development company, gave this world a new AI language model whose name was GPT – Generative Pre Trained Transformer. Which can learn on its own without manually feeding data. Due to strong algorithms and strong computing power, it gives us a human-like experience.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Meaning, if you ask him to answer this question in such a way that a 5-year-old child can understand, he will give that answer and if you ask him to answer this question in such a way that an engineer can understand it, then he will give that answer. In February 2019, the second version of GPT was launched, named GPT-2. And in June 2020 its third version came GPT – 3 and then on 30 November 2022, GPT 3 came. 5 versions. And named it Chat GPT and then on March 14, 2023, its latest version came which is GPT – 4.

With this new version of GPT, it can give more valid, accurate, creative, and fast answers, so if we talk about what are the reasons why Chat GPT is becoming so popular, then the reasons for this are – Extraordinary power.
It does not show you many pages like a search engine, rather it searches among millions of pages and gives you relevant data. The second biggest reason is that it is free. Anyone can use it and the third biggest reason is that it is multilingual, it supports every language.

Now let us know what will be the future of AI. This artificial intelligence is going to influence the world around us. We have got many benefits because of AI but there are some disadvantages too which many people are facing due to it.
1. Job Loss: This AI has negatively impacted jobs in many industries like bank tellers, data entry, construction workers, and telemarketers, many such jobs will be lost as AI develops. Already, since 2000, more than 17 lakh jobs have been lost due to AI.

Besides, it has many other disadvantages as it continues to develop, humans will become dependent on AI and it will be included in our daily life. This will affect our thinking. Well, we know that he will take many jobs, but he will also take many jobs with him. There will be many such jobs like data scientists, engineers, developers, and ethics experts. Actually, jobs are not disappearing but are being replaced.

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